Tumblr for Windows Phone

I had the opportunity to work on some of the feature updates and UI changes for Tumblr on Windows Phone. We had previously designed and developed the v1.

Login and Onboarding

In the past, if you created an account on device you weren't able to immediately follow blogs. This created an empty dashboard. More content and especially relevant content will retain users. We really wanted to capture the same Tumblr experience from iOS and Android and bring it to the Windows user base. To get started, users are asked to discover and follow five blogs that are of interest of them. While this is mandatory and the risk of drop off is high, we felt that retention and engagement would be better among users who were successfully onboarded. We also spent a lot of time working in Expression Blend creating custom UI animations and state changes to align with the Tumblr brand.


In the current app, search is very outdated. It only returns the bare minimum of results while Tumblr on iOS and Android returns everything from users to blog and posts. We needed to make sure that there was an endless supply of content to discover to keep new and current users engaged with the platform.

Blogs and Activity

Tumblr for iOS lets users customize their blog. They can change fonts, colours, header images etc. In the current app for WP, the blogs are generic, one size fits all templates. Tumblr users use the product to express themselves so to line up with iOS, we did the exact same thing. We brought full customization to the Windows user base. Users would now be able to make changes to the style of their blogs on the go.

Activity had also never previously existed. Being another method of content discovery, we knew that this was essential. The goal of the activity feed is to create an endless cycle of user engagement – an addiction. When people engage with your posts, we assumed users would tap through to others because they know them personally or are just simply curious.